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Don Guthery, Senior Auctioneer

Donnie has 35 years in antique value knowledge from owning his own antique store and has conducted the best antique and estate auctions in the area for the past 29 years. Donnie graduated from 2 auction schools the Fort Smith School of Auctioneering and also the Kansas City Misouri Auction School. Don not only makes his living with auctions, but loves the auction business and the people involved. Donnie has proved himself to be an asset to the auction community thru service to the buyer and sellers. This has made him one of the most written about auctioneers in the area. Donnie has never had to promote himself very much, a good reputation does that all by itself. Just read a couple of articles written about Donnie. 

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Donnie understands the dynamics of a successful auction. One of the most important factors is making the auction an event, not just a sale. It's important that the crowd has fun, and Donnie's wit and fast paced auction style supplies the fun. 

Donnie has his roots steeped in midwest values. Donnie's dad was working auctions before most of us were even thought about and was the original founder of Guthery Auctions. Donnie upholds the high standards set by his father at every auction that he does. As well as being from the area, he was one of the original rough riders in 1939 making movie magic, befriending such fine people as Boris Karkloff, Art Linkletter, Roy Rogers And Dale Evans. Why he even rode Tom Mix's Horse.

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Charlene Guthery

Here's even a bigger plus, The Guthery Family. Anybody that knows them, knows Charlene, Donnie's Wife, helps organize and works the auctions, from the time your auction is in the planning stages. The whole family is dedicated to making sure your auction is a success. Charlene has a lifetime of experience in antiques, and a true love for antiques and all things beautiful. Donnie and Charlene have been married for 36 years.


Ring Personnel

Ronnie Prophet

Ronnie has been with our auctions for 15 years and is past Senior Vice President of Federal Savings Bank of Rogers. He is also noted as an early pioneer in online auction services, as noted in the full page article in the Morning News.

Competition among buyers for your property is greatly increased to determine the final selling price and fair market value of your items, only trusted, experienced auctioneers can draw the buying crowd your auction deserves! The best way to choose an auctioneer is to come and watch them work!


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